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We only have one home, planet Earth, and we like to take good care of it. These are some of the ways we do our part by going green and reducing our carbon print.

Latex Balloons

When decorating and creating we choose latex balloons as our main medium for a good reason, it is a green product. The latex used to make balloons is extracted from rubber trees that are planted and harvested in tropical areas. Not only are our products coming from a renewable natural resource, but during the day trees consume CO2 especially more in tropical areas. This slows down the effects of global warming.

Email Invoices

All of our invoices and business proposals are emailed to our clients, cutting down the use of paper and ink.

Reuse and Recycle

Whenever possible materials used at an event will be collected. These include framing structures, mylar balloons, lights, fabrics and other elements of the décor. This will later be reused in other events. Balloon delivery bags are also reused several times before been thrown away.

Green Materials

We avoid the use of materials that are not from local distributors as much as possible to avoid the CO2 emissions associated with transportation of goods. We are very meticulous about the products that we use and sell. For the most part we try for our products to be recyclable and biodegradable and avoid using materials that are not.

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